The Mercantile

Our Mercantile Store is now open, over at A country store where you'll find all kinds of things to help your farm or homestead thrive.

So what have we got that might interest you?

Just a few things so far - cheesecloth, emergency heat burners, sourdough starter, with a lot more coming!

We'll be selling all our non-livestock items through the Mercantile online storefront. Check it out and see what we have added that might interest you!


Get Our Gardening Book

Life from the Garden: Grow Your Own Food Anywhere, by Laura Wheeler No matter where you live, you CAN grow a garden!

Tips on growing successfully in any climate (including year-round), in any soil conditions or challenges, cost cutting techniques, and methods for growing no matter how little space you have.

Wherever you live, there is something edible you can grow to help your family. A simple little gardening guide that is quick and easy to read.

Check it out on our Books website.