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Micro-Farming isn't new at all. It has been done for centuries, and in fact, only the 20th century considered it to be an odd thing. As cities grew, they began making it illegal to have "farm animals" within city limits. They outlawed what is practical, sustainable, and, to a great extent, needed.

So now, as we find ways to raise animals and grow gardens in spite of those laws, we are the ones considered odd. THIS, is normality! Living without producing at least some of your own food is ABNORMAL. We weren't created to live a sterile life where we depend 100% on commercial channels to meet our every need.

Micro-Farming is NOT what we had planned. But it is where we are, and where we are growing. Mostly due to dietary needs, but the longer we do it, the more we find that it meets other needs as well. Our site contains both farm items for sale, and information to help you succeed at small farming. Our information is well-researched and tried where possible. Our animals and eggs are healthy and naturally produced.

Where there is a will, there is a way. We hope we can provide resources, encouragement, and ideas, on how to farm, wherever you are.

According to the Benson Institute, a single hectare of land (about 2.5 acres) can provide all of the food for a family, including the fodder for their animals, and a cash crop as well. This presumes decent growing conditions, of course. In many areas, land would have to be conditioned section by section to do this, or a larger section might be needed. But even so, the concepts that Ezra Taft Benson proposed are being used successfully, and are proving to do exactly what he said they could. I'm prepared to believe that what he said is absolutely true, especially after seeing what we have been able to do even in our small yard. He states that there is not a shortage of land, merely mismanagement of it. Looking around at farms now, I can see that this is true.


"Nature, My Dears, is a wise woman, who pays us back, tit for tat."
- Jim Henson's The Story Teller, The Luck Child



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